Thursday, 19 July 2012

E- Cigarette Revolution

About a decade ago, electronic cigarettes came into the headlines. They may have been featured on a TV program, or there was a vague mention of them in the backend of a magazine or newspaper.
But, that was it. There was nothing concrete. They were hard to get, you couldn’t buy them in the shops, your friends weren’t using them, the advantage of using them was unclear.
And basically, they just seemed to be another wacky gimmick, like the hoola hoop, which was here today, gone tomorrow. Maybe people ‘overseas’ were using them, but here in the U.K, their existence went virtually unnoticed.
Electronic Cigarette use has quadrupled over the last year. It’s amazing how far the electronic cigarette industry has come since those early beginnings. E-cig conversations are no longer relegated to the backs of magazines. They are no longer the ‘crazy’ invention you hear about but never see. And their advantages are anything but unclear.
With no smoke, no offensive smell, and no ash, it has become clear the electronic cigarette revolution is here to stay. Don’t believe us, just look at the signs:
  • Celebs have jumped aboard such as Catherine Zeta Jones, Leonardo DiCaprio, Katherine Heigl and Lindsay Lohan have all been seen using e cigs.
  • Sales of electronic cigarettes keep on rising year on year.
This is only the beginning. The electronic cigarette revolution has just started. 

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

So what so dangerous about smoking Tobacco cigarettes

While this may seem like a self-explanatory question, cigarette smoke possesses a variety of different ways it is harmful. From the amount of chemicals that are laced into each cigarette, which then get inhaled into the lungs, and the effects smoke has once it has been released, smoke has the ability to strike first hand, second hand, and third hand. Here is a look at all the many sides of tobacco smoke, and why going smokeless is the best way to get your nicotine.
With tobacco, tar and smoke go hand in hand. Did you know that smoking a pack a day, after an entire year, will have deposited a quart of tar into your lungs? Im sure you will agree this is a frightening thought. What’s even scarier is that it comes from smoke, and is residual. Therefore, every single cigarette that is smoked leaves behind quantity of tar, and this goes for the smoker as well as those exposed to their second hand smoke.
Smoke pollutes the air, indoors and outdoors. Obviously, in outdoor settings, the ventilation is usually enough to get rid of it, but indoors it’s a different story. Indoor air pollution has been linked to countless breathing and health issues, and when you smoke cigarettes inside, it pushes the pollution level to its max.
Second hand smoke kills just as easily as doing it firsthand, and the effects of third hand can really be overshadowed by it. Third hand smoke refers to the toxic effects of smoke and it’s byproduct, tar, lingering on things like your skin and hair. People who have switched to INCIG electronic cigarettes always notice how quickly their hair and skin become healthier.
Many people are astounded when they learn of the chemicals that cigarettes have in them. Ammonia, formaldehyde, toluene, arsenic, butane are a mere scratch on the surface of the 4,000 toxins, many of which are known carcinogens. Ever hear of methane, also known as sewer gas as well as flatulence? Carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, and naphthalene are some of the others.
It’s no wonder that tobacco cigarette smoke is so incredibly harmful when these are the types of things put into them. Nothing kills more humans than tobacco, and it’s really time for people to switch to INCIG e-cigarettes!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Smoking & the effects on your senses

Smoking cigarettes will adversely impact your sense of smell.  Smoking cigarettes will impair the sense of smell initially, but in the long-term permanent damage to your sense of smell will occur.  The sense of smell is also directly linked to the sense of taste.
The human nose has receptors called olfactory nerves.  The olfactory nerves are located in the back of the nose.  There are approximately five (5) to six (6) million olfactory nerves in the nose.  Smoking cigarettes diminishes your sensitivity to odor quality.  It is no wonder that food that does not smell good does not taste good either.  The more you smoke causes more and more damage to your sense of smell.  In severe cases, people have lost their sense of smell entirely.  Impairment and loss of smell occurs in both young adults and older adults.
Just think about the enjoyment that you will be missing if you lose your sense of smell because of smoking.  You will not be able to smell flowers like beautiful roses.  Sniffing the aroma of fine wine would be lost forever.  There will be no more recognition of your favourite perfume or aftershave.  That perfect delectable dish you always crave because of the exquisite smell and taste will be lost to you forever if you don’t quit smoking.
There is another severe consequence resulting from the loss of the sense of smell because of smoking cigarettes.  Your personal safety could be at risk.  If you have either impaired sense of smell or no sense of smell at all, you will not be able to adequately detect safety hazards such as gas leaks. 
Not detecting gas leaks could lead to serious hazards to both yourself and loved ones.  The inability to smell a smoldering fire would have the same disastrous consequences.  One final safety concern would be the inability to smell spoiled food.  There is no way in your right mind that you would go near spoiled food if your sense of smell was intact.  Consuming the bacteria of rotten and spoiled food could cause serious health problems.
Ask yourself.  Is the momentary satisfaction you obtain from puffing on cigarettes worth the long-term damage that you are causing to your sense of smell?  The logical answer is positively not.  What keeps you smoking then?  It is the never-ending chase for the nicotine your body is craving.
You can now get your nicotine from INCIG electronic cigarettes. INCIG Electronic cigarettes do not smoke so they will not damage all those nerves in your nose.  You will, also, not have to worry about the hundreds of other severe medical conditions that have been directly linked to smoking cigarettes. 
Look for INCIG electronic cigarettes to save your sense of smell.  You can then continue to savour the smells of your favorite perfume, flower, or food.  You can, also, have confidence in your safety from gas leaks, smoldering fires, or spoiled food.  If there is a viable alternative to normal cigarette smoking, why would you not at least try it?  

Monday, 9 July 2012

The history of Tobacco

After being grown and smoked by the Native Americans for decades, tobacco was the first crop sold for money by European settlers. Jamestown, the first American colony, grew tobacco as their main source of income. The first commercial, hand-rolled cigarettes were introduced in 1865 by Washington Duke in Raleigh, North Carolina. Along with chewing tobacco, cigarettes were sold to soldiers toward the end of the Civil War.
In 1870, the lowest rate of smokers on record was logged as just 0.4 cigarettes per capita smoking. The rate had jumped up to 8 cigarettes per capita smoking by the next decade. In 1881, with the invention of the cigarette-making machine by James Bonsak, smoking cigarettes became widespread. Bonsak and Washington Duke’s son, James “Buck” Duke, went into business. They built the first cigarette factory, which made 10 million cigarettes in the first year and close to 1 billion cigarettes by the fifth year. The cigarettes were called Duke of Durham and sold in a box with baseball cards. They went on to become the most famous cigarette brand in the world at the time.
By 1900, there were over 4.4 billion cigarettes being sold in the US. As advances in transportation, manufacturing, and packaging were made, the use of cigarettes spread nationwide. The introduction of book matches by Diamond Company made smoking cigarettes easy and portable. The advertising industry on both radio and television were booming. Though there were several tobacco companies making cigarettes, the largest and most dominant was the American Tobacco Company. It was started by two of the pioneers in the cigarette industry, Washington Duke and his son James “Buck” Duke. In the US, 9 out of every 10 cigarettes were sold from this company. Philip Morris introduced the popular Marlboro brand in 1902.
Most cigarettes during this time were sold to men, especially while overseas at war. Of the 300 billion cigarettes produced in 1944, about 75 percent went to service men. During World War II, cigarettes started to be marketed to women as well. In 1954, cigarette consumption peaked with 45 percent of the American population smoking cigarettes.
In the early 1900s, cigarettes had started to become taxed and regulated, and many health warning were issued in articles and journals throughout the world. Everything changed in 1964, when the US Surgeon General released a report linking cigarettes to lung cancer and other health risks. In 1965, warnings labels were required on all cigarette packages, and by 1971, radio and television advertisements were banned.
The 1980s became known as the “tar wars” as cigarettes companies fought to create low tar cigarettes in hopes of reducing the public’s fear. The competition to create cigarettes with less tar and nicotine, as well as improved filters, was aggressive. Over 100 new cigarette brands were introduced. However, with the ban on advertising and regulations on smoking in public, many companies looked toward selling their products overseas. 50 percent of American tobacco sales are now outside of the country, and the rate of smokers in the US has decreased dramatically.
Despite the backlash, tobacco and cigarette companies are still some of the most powerful and profitable. In 1992 alone, the Philip Morris company was the largest tax payer in the US.  In many ways, cigarette companies and government agencies work together, keeping the costs of making cigarettes cheap and the sale of them very profitable.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Massive growth within the E-cigarettes market

According to a recent report by a global financial services company, the electronic cigarette industry is currently experiencing an economical growth spurt. Based on the information acquired from reports, we’ve compiled the top five reasons why the e cigarette industry isn’t built upon a whim.

#5 – Health benefits – Although e cigarettes aren’t specifically “stop smoking” devices, the health implications are big, considering that tobacco cigarettes contain more than 4,000 dangerous chemicals like carbon monoxide that are not found in electronic cigarette vapor.  Imagine the impact this would have on the 1 billion worldwide smokers, as reported by the World Health Organisation.  The report also states that 79 percent of polled participants made return e cigarette purchases, and another 62 percent report smoking fewer traditional cigarettes because of the electronic variety.

#4 – Ease of purchase – 2012 has already seen dozens of companies release disposable e cigarettes, including INCIG’s new Eson range.  Most are available via the internet and some companies have now chosen to open up actual e-cigarette shops.

#3 – The cost factor – Although startup costs seem high, studies now show that a tobacco smoker will end up burning over £2000 a year on traditional cigarettes, while an e smoker could spend as little as £400 annually.

#2 – Proven staying power – Since the advent of the digital smoke, electronic cigarettes have seen triple-digit growth.  Couple that with a less-than-stellar performance by Nicotine Replacement Therapy products, such as patches and nicotine gums and it becomes evident that e cigs aren’t just a fad.

#1 – Convenience – Consumers have spoken, and they’re ecstatic about using their e cigs anywhere and everywhere. 

What are your thoughts on the electronic cigarette industry growth spurt?  Tell us in our INCIG comment's box on our main web site!.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Phychological Cravings of Smoking

Addiction to nicotine is one of the most difficult to overcome, and the psychological cravings can be an even greater challenge than the physical ones. To begin the process of quitting smoking, it is important to identify the difference between physical and psychological cravings.

Because nicotine is a stimulant, it increases blood flow to the brain within seconds of being used. It makes cigarette smokers feel more awake, alert, and focused. However, this is not because the nicotine itself makes smokers feel good. It is simply that with each new cigarette, smokers are ending a period of nicotine deprivation.

Smokers cannot feel normal without nicotine, because their brain is actually unable to function at a normal level without it. Once users quit smoking, and even after these physical withdrawal symptoms have faded, there are multiple psychological issues to deal with.

Many people that try to quit smoking don’t feel like themselves without cigarettes. This is the psychological addiction. As smokers, people become used to carrying a pack of cigarettes just as they carry their wallets, mobile phones, or car keys. Smoking becomes an integral part of who you are, and quitting can lead to a great sense of loss. Once the physical withdrawal symptoms have faded, it is normal to experience anxiety, depression, and other mental difficulties.

To overcome the psychological cravings of cigarettes, it is essential for those that are trying to quit smoking to recognise when and where their cravings occur. Many people include smoking as part of their daily routines, taking the time to enjoy a cigarette after meals, while drinking coffee, when socialising with friends, and so on.

Without these cigarette breaks, it can feel as if the entire day has been disrupted. In situations that people associate with smoking, they are more likely to give into cravings. Rather than needing the physical effects that nicotine has on the body, people crave the instant gratification they became accustomed too. This is why many stop-smoking products like patches and gums are often ineffective. It is not the nicotine that the body is missing; it is the act of smoking itself.

Identifying when, where, and why you smoke is the first step in fighting the psychological cravings. If possible, avoid situations or places you typically smoke and never have lighters or matches on hand.

Be sure to let those around you, especially friends and family, know that you’re no longer smoking. Sometimes just being aware of your habits as a smoker makes it easier to move on, but other times it is necessary to replace smoking with new habits. Whether it is going for a walk instead of having a cigarette after dinner, or simply taking a deep breath and reminding yourself of your goals, know that each time you say “no” makes quitting for good that much easier.

Another option that has helped thousands of people to quit smoking is electronic cigarettes. Once the addiction to nicotine ends, an electronic cigarette without nicotine can be a great tool for coping with the psychological addiction to smoking.

People typically smoke for the short-term benefits of cigarettes, such as sensory pleasure, oral gratification, and social interaction. Each of these psychological cravings can be fulfilled by switching to INCIG electronic cigarettes, which have the same look and feel of a traditional cigarette.

No matter which coping mechanisms are used to quit smoking, it is important to remember that cravings are often triggered by psychological cues rather than physical ones.

Physical addiction is to nicotine, whereas psychological addiction is to the act of smoking itself. Acknowledging the difference between the two is an important step in successfully quitting smoking.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Dont get caught short!

When and where you smoke is an important factor which needs to be considered when you are choosing your electronic cigarette kit. If you commute frequently using public transportation, then you should make sure you have plenty of extra charged batteries, so you don’t get caught short on your travels.

If you drive a lot of miles in your car, then we would suggest that you purchase one of our kits that has a car charger.

If you spend a lot of time indoors, but not near a PC, then it is a must that you purchase a wall adapter.
If you spend a lot of time on you PC then you can simply use the USB charger.

Whatever you’re routine, you need to ensure that you’re going to be able to keep your e-cig batteries charged.

If you tick all of the above we would suggest the best option for you is our Ultimate Kit. You’ll get all of the chargers you need at a significantly reduced price than if bought separately.

Even if you think you’ll always charge your battery in your computer, you never know if you’ll need the other options.

Monday, 2 July 2012

A night out with INCIG

Remember the last time you had a night on the tiles, and enjoyed a cigarette in a bar or a club! Well with INCIG, that ‘thing of the past’ could be savored once again with our electronic cigarettes.

The glowing crystal LED ember, the swirling misty vapor, and the traditional tobacco flavor of your e-cigarette can be the perfect accessory for a night on the town. When enjoying a few drinks, who doesn’t love the pairing of a cigarette? For those who’ve already changed to the healthier route and switched to e-cigs, they know how easy and satisfying smoking on an electronic cigarette goes with a few beers or that glass of wine.

And for those of you who are still unsure about e cigarettes, well, yes, they really are that good. Because they emit no toxic fumes, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs in the UK all allow e cigarettes to be smoked in within their premises.

I’m sure you have all been in the predicament whereby you’ve been enjoying a night out, and had to smoke your cigarette outside, and knowing the UK weather this in most cases is an unpleasant experience!

Electronic cigs let you continue enjoying your night out. When you are indoors, around nonsmokers, and in confined spaces, e-cigs pose no threats! They are 100% smoke free, and they emit nothing but pure water vapor when they are smoked. They also look like a traditional cigarette.

Every aspect of INCIG electronic cigarettes are ideal for enjoyment, no matter what you are doing. They come in a wide range of nicotine strengths, and some users take full advantage of our different e-cigarette cartomizers flavours to enhance their enjoyment.

For instance, 12mg cartomizers work for many people as the standard, everyday strength. For the heavy smoker, or those who indulge more when smoking socially, 18mg cartomizers are just right.
Lighter smokers do well with 6mg, and those who just desire the essence and feeling of smoking, flavoured or unflavoured cartomizers in 0mg are available.

So if you are ready to fulfill your night out once again, make the sensible change to INCIG electronic cigarettes