Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Electronic cigarette users started using e cigs to replace tobacco cigarettes entirely

A recent study performed in the UK and published in the online journal Addiction, concluded that the majority of electronic cigarette users started using e cigs to replace tobacco cigarettes entirely.

The study, which was conducted online with approximately 1,400 participants, provided the following results:-

76% use electronic cigarettes as a complete alternative to smoking.

22% started using e cigs for “other” reasons that include:

7% – to stop smoking
6% – for health reasons
3% – to circumvent smoking restrictions

Almost 86% of the participants said they had either not smoked tobacco since making the switch to e cigs or that the amount they smoked had greatly decreased.

The researchers also found out that a majority of participants felt their overall health had improved since making the switch.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Dating gets even better when using E-cigs from INCIG

Dating can be very difficult, and when you smoke it’s even harder. Whether you are looking for long term love and commitments, or just someone who gets you and wants to have fun, compatibility is a very hard balance to strike. 

When smokers and non-smokers get together, the situation can be less than appealing for romance, and mixing the two can be like oil and water. It’s a cool idea, maybe a fun experiment, but ultimately just won’t work out. It’s more than just a slight preference; it comes down to major lifestyle differences and oftentimes in dating, people do not have the patience to deal.

Non-smokers can be really picky, and most do not care for smoke intruding into their lives. This rings especially true for non-smokers who were once smokers; the last thing they want is to be tempted back to an old habit by a new love. 

Some people have aversions to smoke, and just can’t deal with the smell. Others can be allergic to it, and then there are those who suffer from respiratory issues where breathing in smoke is extremely unhealthy for them. Then there are those who look to the future, and see smokers as potential companions who may not live as long.
Smokers, you do have choices here! 

Life is too short to be limiting your options, and instead of hoping to make it work out going cold turkey for a new flame, invest in e-cigarettes. Get an electronic cigarette starter kit, and instead of hoping that smoking will sit will with potential dates, opt instead for electronic cigs because you’ll be able to still enjoy what nicotine does for you, and keep yourself smoke free. 

The smoke will never limit your love life again! Just think, when you are on dates, you’ll be able to concentrate more on your partner than on being self conscious. You won’t have to worry about whether you smell like smoke, if your breath is bad, or if they secretly have an issue with cigarettes. Hey, your e-cigs may even make for a cool conversation starter!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Science behind the '2 piece design' electronic cigarette by INCIG

INCIG e-cigs are two-piece style e-cigs. This means they are comprised of two main parts: the battery and the disposable refill cartridge. Within each part there are several other parts that serve specific purposes, and they all work in unison to create a very cigarette-like experience, with optimal amounts of vapour, and a very enjoyable experience. Here is a look at how two-piece electronic cigarettes work their magic!

The Battery: The e-cigarette battery is the main part of the e-cigarette; it literally is the e-cigarette. The refill cartridge attaches to it, and together they create allow the user to vape. Inside the battery is a smart chip microprocessor, and a sensor. The outside case is made of aluminium, and it is made to look like a traditional cigarette with its sleek, minimal design and easily sits amongst the best in the UK.

The Refill cartridge: Refill cartridge connects to the battery to make the process come together. Within the cartridges are a built-in atomiser, a preset amount of liquid nicotine, and an external mouthpiece made of silicon that feels very much like a traditional cigarette.

How these parts work together is both simple and ingenious! To set up, all the user has to do is charge the battery to full, and then screw the cartridge on. (Not too tight, or else it won’t work). When the user puffs, if they are using an automatic battery, it will turn on automatically by sensing the user’s mouth on the e-cigarette. This will then signal the smart chip to send a charge to the atomiser, which will instantly heat the e-juice, and vaporise it. When this happens, it activates the vaping process, and the user will quickly get their nicotine hit, in the cloud of vapour. Simple, effective, and guaranteed to satisfy!

Monday, 13 May 2013

How INCIG Electronic Cigarettes are helping to save the planet!

Tobacco cigarettes are toxic for more than just the body; they are toxic for the environment as well. Switching to electric cigarettes is often done because smokers are concerned with their personal, overall well being, however in doing so, they are also contributing to lessening pollution as well.

Cigarettes are among the least “green” products available. They encourage mass consumption, they are the product of an industry that seeks profit above everything (including life), they are made with deadly additives, and they are known to cause deadly diseases. We only have one planet, and we all have to do our part to protect it; cigarettes are nothing but negative!

Did you know that tobacco cigarettes contribute more pollution than any other source, both in the UK and throughout the world? Cigarette butts, empty cigarette boxes, and old lighters are just too easy for smokers to toss to the ground when they are through with them. And the problem isn’t just the butts being thrown on the ground; they take many years to fully decompose, and in the process, all those disgusting chemicals that get layered in during manufacturing, slowly leak into the environment. 

As this happens, they create another pollution issue, as they contaminate ground water, soil, and the water that runs off into rivers, lakes, streams, and the oceans. Affecting many ecosystems, as well as wildlife. Cigarettes are not pretty, and they are a global issue.

Smokers need to know cigarettes are not the only option! E-cigs are not just a smart alternative to tobacco for the human body, they are healthier for the planet because they are recyclable and they are reusable, which cuts down on the impact of cigarettes consistently being used and tossed. 

Even choosing disposable e-smokes is smarter because they get used continuously, equating to about 2 packs of cigarettes each (40 cigarettes) before being disposed. And if you are a smoker, and are not opting for e-cigarettes, please just do your part to make sure your butts, cigarette packages, and expired lighters make it into a trash can, and not the ground!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Electronic Cigarette Terms & Slang & what they actually mean!

Any trend that’s been around for a while is going to have its set of slang and terminology. E-cigs have been around long enough now that they’ve got a great following that builds all the time, and enough communication between users that there is a specific, almost hipster-like code for the art of using electronic cigarettes.

Here is a fun little guide to help you figure out what e-smokers are talking about, should you not be aware of what certain things mean!

Analog Cigarette: A term for a traditional cig; it’s analog because it contains no digital parts.

Alternative Cigarette: An e-cigarette.

Atomiser: The device usually set into the cartridge that is responsible for vaporising the liquid nicotine.
E-Cigs: Short for electronic cigarettes.

E-Cigarette: Term for electronic cigarette.

E-Smoke: To actually use an electronic cigarette, or another term for e-cigarette.

Cartridge: The unit on a 2-piece e-cig that contains the nicotine solution as well as the atomiser. They are disposable and flavoured.

Cart: Short for cartridge.

Cartomiser: Another term for refill cartridge; precisely the right word to use when talking about your refill cartridge that contains an atomiser.

Digital Cigarette: Another term for e-cigarette; they definitely aren’t analogs!

Draw: the act of puffing and inhaling on an e-cig.

E-Liquid: The nicotine solution in your cartridge. Some types of e-cigs are made to be refilled with it.
E-Juice: Another term for nicotine solution.

Flavour Refill Cartridge: The e-cig refill cartridge. It contains the nicotine and is most often flavoured.

Hit: the vapour that comes out as a result of the smoker puffing on the e-cig.

Leaking: A negative occurrence that happens when the refill cartridge leaks nicotine liquid.

Lithium Ion Batteries: The preferred, highest performing batteries for electronic cigarettes.

Nicotine Level: The designated amount of nicotine in a refill cartridge.

PCC: Personal Charging Case; an amazing accessory that charges your batteries without an outlet, wherever you are. It also holds your batteries and cartridges.

PG: Also known as Propylene Glycol.

Puff: The inhale, or drag on the e-cig.

Throat Hit: The feeling of the vapour when the e-cigarette is smoked. It is best felt in the throat, and most users like it to feel like an actual cigarette.

Vape: The act of smoking an e-cigarette.

Vapour: The smoke-like water vapour that comes out of e-cigarettes during use.

Vaping: The term used when smoking an e-cig.

VG: Vegetable glycerin: An all-natural, nontoxic substance derived from plant oils used as a base for nicotine