Tuesday, 30 July 2013

How to Boost Your Productivity at work While Smoking INCIG

Smokers have to deal with a lot.

As a smoker you  can’t ride on public transportation with cigarette lit.

They can’t go into a bar with their cigarette.

They can’t go into a restaurant with their cigarette.

And of course they can’t light up in office. Some work places even now stipulate they actual smoke off site!

A new study from an e-cigarette supplier within the UK asked nearly 1000 smokers how much time they spent a day smoking.

Approx 33% thought they spent more than an hour.

That translates into about 200+ hours a year – thats more than 5 working weeks!

And that was only for the “typical” smoker. 1 out of the 12 people polled was labelled a “heavy” smoker. This means they smoked at least 30 cigarettes a day, which translates into about 2 and half hours of day smoking.

That comes out to more than 14 + weeks a year!

Imagine what an extra 5 weeks (or 14 weeks) of time would do to your career.

You could start an extra project that might give you a promotion and a salary increase.

You could get your work done more quickly and efficiently, potentially earning you a promotion and a salary increase.

You would be present at your desk more, giving the impression that you’re working hard and are more deserving of that promotion and increase.

Its not rocket science?

The answer is electronic cigarettes. What if you could avoid the need to leave the office to smoke?

Electronic cigarettes can be smoked in many indoor places, and don’t give off any cigarette odour or ash. They are the perfect solution for anyone who’s had to endure the outcast nature of our changing culture towards smoking and from non-smoking colleagues when they leave the office to smoke.

If you want to be ahead in the rat race……

INCIG ecigs - Just Like the “Real Thing”! And 9 Other Reasons to Try them

To date, over a million in the UK (and counting!) have already switched from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs. I’ve recently become very curious as to why these smokers have made the change. And judging from an informal survey of INCIG family, I’ve learned that while they all loved the smoking experience as a whole, they each also had a favourite reason for enjoying the e-cigarette.

Let me make this quite clear, this is NOT a scientific survey – but just a summary of what my unofficial “focus group” said to me. The following responses are arranged in no particular order.

1 Just like the “real thing”!

Customers say that they get a “genuine” smoking sensation with INCIG e-cig – since it looks, tastes, and feels just like a traditional cigarette. So you can also hold it between your fingers… inhale the vapour and hold it in for a bit…remove the e-cig from your mouth…and slowly blow out the vapour. The battery tip even glows when you inhale – making it an even more realistic experience!

2 They can be choosy!

We’ve got picky friends! Luckily for them, INCIG e-cigarette is available in seven great flavours and 3 levels of nicotine strengths from 6mg to 18mg.  And there’s a flavour for every taste, including: three tobacco flavours (for the traditionally minded), Menthol, Vanilla, Cherry and Cinnamon.

3 Hate the smell of smoke!

Smoking isnt cool, vaping is! And we all agree. The smell of traditional tobacco cigarettes – definitely is un cool! It lingers and dominates the surrounding smells. INCIG e-cigs are battery-operated, they don’t burn and emit NO smoke and NO cigarette odour. All they produce is fresh, full-flavoured vapour – leaving you, your clothes, your house and your car smelling clean and fresh.  You may not know it, though, because the vapour feels just like smoke!

4 My social life is alive and kicking!

No smoking areas? No problem! Not for nothing is an e-cig called the “social cigarette.” Kiss smoke, offensive odours, and smoker’s breath good-bye while enjoying INCIG e-cigarettes in most places where traditional cigarettes are banned, including many bars, restaurants, coffee shops, bus stations, and airports. No longer do you have to “step outside” for a smoke and interrupt an important date, business or social event, or other get-together.

5 More smoke for the money!

Take a tip from my money-savvy friends. They switched to INCIG e-cigarettes so they can put more pounds back in their pocket. INCIG cartomiser technology maximizes flavour and provides one of the highest smoke volumes in the industry. Smokers get up to 300 puffs of full-flavoured enjoyment from each cartomiser – comparable to about 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes. Plus, you can easily replace the cartomiser, instead of running out to spend money on a new cigarette pack.  When the cartomiser is finished, just screw it off and replace it with a fresh one.

6 Convenient…in so many ways!

Thanks to its intelligent two-piece design –a long lasting, rechargeable battery plus a pre-filled, replaceable cartomiser – the INCIG e-cig is easy to use.  There are no cigarette filters or ashtrays to clean up, or cigarette smell to get rid of. E-cigarettes are also travel-friendly – store in your pocket in between puffs. Plus, because the simplest INCIG e-cig kit includes a rechargeable battery, 3 replaceable cartomisers, and a USB charger, you can enjoy the matchless smoking experience even on the go.

7 Superb customer experience!

It takes more than a great product to keep customers coming back. INCIG e-cig users appreciate the fast, friendly, and efficient customer service…. The generous money-back and warranty policies…the next day delivery…the array of money-saving offers…and the overall customer-focused culture of INCIG is second to none!

8 Work-friendly!

Yes, smoking and the workplace do go together…as long as you’re smoking INCIG e-cigarettes. Because of its smoke-less and odour-less qualities, you can smoke it in almost all indoor places. No need to waste precious time and leave the office just to take a puff. Finish that report, attend that board meeting, take care of business…all the while enjoying your INCIG e-cig!

9 No Pollution and hurting the environment!

INCIG is definitely in sync with today’s environmentally conscious smokers.  Because INCIG e-cigs don’t burn, there’s no traditional cigarette waste (filters, disposable lighters, ash) to litter streets, parks,  and landfills which pollute the environment. 

10 Love those e-cig kits!

The great thing about the e-cigarette kits is that they give you everything you need to enjoy the INCIG experience – in one convenient package! The even greater thing is that the e-cig kits come in all sizes to meet the budgets and requirements of all types of smokers. 

The Calibre Kit has the basics you need to get started. For those who want to “move up,” the high-value Avantis or iPack kits contain all the essentials – personal charging case, 2 batteries plus a USB cigarette and wall charger.

Monday, 29 July 2013

INCIG E-Cigs: How Much Has the ‘Switch’ Saved You?

There is no doubt that smoking traditional cigarettes is an expensive habit. Smoking a pack of 20 a day at £8 a pack can wind up costing you around £2,920 a year, and that’s only including the cost of the cigarettes. 

When you add in other associated expenses, such as lighters and fluid, purchasing unnecessary cleaning products to get ride of the bad odour in your house and car, potential damage to your clothes, health related issues resulting into having to purchase medicines over the counter, the costs of smoking a traditional cigarette can end up being much more.

So How Much have you saved?

In truth, the cost savings when switching to an e-cig can wind up saving you big time.
Using INCIGe-cigs as an example – a budget starter kit costs around £18.99. This kit comes with the equivalent of 240 cigarettes. 

So in effect you are paying £18.99 for the equivalent of 12 packs of 20 cigarettes, or £1.58 a pack.
If you smoke a pack of 20 a day of cigarettes, your yearly outlay would be approx £2920 dependant of the brand you purchased. 

Similarly, it would only cost you £438 a year after a switch to INCIG eCigs. That’s a savings of over £2482 a year!
How do these e-cig saving add up?

Think of all the things you could purchase by saving £2482 a year:-
  • A family holiday
  • A second car
  • Top of range TV
  • 4 city breaks a year
  • Eating out every weekend
The benefits are endless…..

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Customer Service - Saying “I’ll pass on your feedback” isn’t good enough!

Here at INCIG electronic cigarettes we are always looking to improve the customer experience, and in June 2013 we collated our Customer Feedback!

We are always honest, and one thing which ‘we know’ and ‘we’ve all’ said it is…... “Thanks for the comments; I’ll pass your feedback along.”

Unlike most companies, we actually ‘DO’ listen and ‘DO’ feedback your comments to the right person, to make sure the right action is taken.

Whether this is a customer service issue, product issue, recommendation to ‘better’ the product or simply the customer just wanting to talk about their experiences, this all is collated and used in a positive manner!
Whether you Tweet, Facebook message, email the support address, or simply contact us the old fashioned way by phone, we collect it…….and use it!.

Our staff used to have big gripes towards their Team Managers as we continually drilled this work ethos into them, but now they realise the bigger picture, and have reaped the rewards due to less questions or complaints!

Because our team recognises customer service as being the optimum goal, all our staff take notice of what the customers say. 

All staff recognise, even if it’s a tiny issue and not a huge problem, they still need to pass information on. INCIG staff realise that if it’s valuable enough to tell their team manager about it immediately after answering the telephone, they do so!

INCIG realises that this information is invaluable. If feedback isn’t collected, issues not addressed by the right people, it snowballs! Customers can be lost, product failings go amiss and 12 months down the line the company can be going in reverse. 

Want to know how that feels? Contact your Utility Company! Most of the people who work there are probably doing their job correctly and telling the truth, but over the years they’ve generated such ill will that we don’t believe a word their saying.

 “We’ll pass your feedback along”, that phrase no longer means anything except “please go away and stop talking to me”. 

Companies who DO actually pass that feedback along now have to work harder to convince their users of this, but INCIG believes that it is this hard work that pays off in the long run!