Friday, 28 June 2013

Get the Most Out of Your INCIG Electronic Cigarette

Sometimes you might have an issue with an INCIG electronic cigarette not performing as well as it normally does. We have several quick-fix tips and tricks you can try that will have you vaping in no time.

1. Check Your Battery

If your e-cig doesn’t seem to be working, the first thing to do is check the battery to see if it is sufficiently charged. An easy way to check is to place the cig in your mouth backwards—with the blue LED side in your mouth. With the blue side in your mouth, blow into the e-cig. This activates the battery. If the blue light comes on, your battery is working and doesn’t need to be charged. If it doesn’t light up, try charging the battery.

2. Check Your Refill Cartridge

If you’ve checked that your battery is charged, and nothing is coming out of your e-cig, your cartridge might need some help. Take the refill in your hand, with the thread side facing down. Tap it forcefully on a hard surface, like a desk. This can help redistribute the some juice for optimal vapour production.

3. Check Your E liquid

If you’re not getting enough flavour from your refill, or it doesn’t taste as strong as usual, check your e liquid. Take the refill, place it between the palms of both of your hands held together. Then rub your hands back and forth really fast, like you’re starting a camp fire or warming your hands. Rub the refill back and forth several times to get any e-juice that may be stuck in the top to come down to the atomiser. This helps you get the most flavour from your refill.

4. Check Your Atomiser

If taking a drag on your e-cig feels like it’s taking more effort than it usually does, something may be clogging up the atomiser. It’s possible for a bit of dried e-liquid to clog things up. Take the refill, screw it onto the battery, and blow into it. Do not inhale, as you normally would: blow out. This will activate the battery and heat up the refill. You should be able to feel it getting warm. Once it gets hot, it should burn off anything that’s clogging it up.

5. Use 24/7 INCIG Support

If you have any additional questions, email customer support and someone will get back to you ASAP. You can also check out our FAQ page for more information.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

So was in INCIG electronic cigarettes named INCIG?

We chose the name INCIG, as we believe electronic cigarettes are forming part of a revolution and becoming a fast replacement for traditional cigarettes……and therefore have become the ‘in thing’ with regards to today’s social changing trends and opinions in relation to smoking.

INCIG Electronic cigarettes made the conscious choice to offer a product that would clearly not be mistaken for a traditional cigarette while being used. Our packs have a dark black casing with the signature Green symbol emphasising a ‘cleaner’ and more personal and environmentally friendly product. We chose to make the logo green for similar reasons. Our green logo makes the case stand out from regular packs of traditional cigarettes.
Our cigarettes come with a glowing blue tip which is distinctive and unique, both from traditional cigarettes and even from other brands of e-cigs. The blue tip is intended to invoke curiosity and conversation, rather than to suggest that it is a traditional cigarette.

Our goal is to empower smokers to regain some of their freedom. If someone is using an e-cigarette that looks like a traditional cigarette and glows the same colour as the burning tip on a traditional cigarette, it may be mistaken for a traditional cigarette. That smoker might be subject to a potential negative reaction, as if they were smoking a traditional cigarette. This is especially important when someone wants to enjoy an INCIG electronic cigarette in places where traditional smoking isn’t permitted, but vaping is allowed.

INCIG is green to stand out from the crowd, both from traditional cigarettes and other e-cigs. It’s also intended to appeal to a wide audience. Most people across the globe associate the colour green with environmentally friendly products, so people associate with our branding and we’re confident that adult smokers will love INCIG too.

The History of Electronic Cigarettes by INCIG

Electroniccigarettes are marvels of modern technology, but in actuality, they were a concept long before the 21st century.

The original idea for electronic cigarette devices were first patented in 1963, by a gentleman named Herbert A. Gilbert. Unfortunately, the idea tanked because even though Gilbert was aware of the dangers of cigarettes, they were still too ingrained in American culture. Cigarette use was acceptable nearly anywhere in public, and quitting was just not a widespread focus. Also against him at the time, technology for this kind of device was not as advanced as it is today.

40 year later, however, a pharmacist in China would take this idea to fruition, after losing his father to lung cancer. Han Lik, a smoker, created the prototype for what we use today as alternative cigarettes, where the user can inhale vaporised nicotine, without any tobacco. His ideas were so provoking; the company he worked for backed him to make it reality. The name they chose for their products was “Ruyan” where the translation means “like smoke.” Upon their release, the Chinese market embraced them instantly.

That was just the beginning. Quickly, their popularity spread to the European markets, and by 2007, reached the American market. The World Health Organisation (WHO) was the first international health authority to acknowledge them, simply by requiring such products not to be considered devices for smoking cessation.
This acknowledgement did nothing to affect growth, and e-cigarettes continued to soar in sales. Studies began to happen, by independent research houses, universities and colleges, and major health institutions from countries such as New Zealand.

So this is how it all began, and what lead to the phenomenon that electronic cigarettes are today. We are more than proud of what the industry has accomplished, as well as the place we hold within it. We certainly are looking to the future, and how we can have a positive impact on it with INCIG products!

Monday, 24 June 2013

INCIG Electronic Cigarette Customer Service: Why We Stand Out in the Crowd

Having the best electronic cigarettes on the market takes more than just having great products. It’s about having great e-cigarettes with great performance, the kinds of accessories that customers love and that truly do make their lives easier, refills that please the pallet and satisfy with vapour. 

It’s about having policies that work for the customer and that benefit them. It’s about offering reasonable prices that people can actually afford, and offer savings over traditional cigarettes. Most of all, it’s about having the kind of customer service that assures our customers that their ever need will be taken care of.

Having exceptional customer service is what sets us apart from nearly everyone out there. We are more than proud of our products, but we know things come up. Issues come up. Things can break, malfunction, or just suddenly not work right. Having thousands of customer’s means you need to be able to handle the challenges that are more than likely going to surface, and we are always happy to do so. 

While we never claim perfection, we are really happy to take care of things should they be any less than! Whether you call us, email, or contact us through our contact page, we want to make sure you are taken care of. If there is a problem with anything, we want to solve it!

We are completely aware that most other e-cigarette companies are lacking in the department of customer support, and a good many of our customers have come to us after endless disappointments from other brands. E-cigarette customer service is integral to this business because many people are looking for a solution to their cigarette problem when they switch over to the vapour side. 

Often, before they even order they have a ton of questions and things they need to know before they buy a starter kit. A lot of the time, customers are reluctant to work with a brand because they don’t know what they’re getting into, and being able to talk to a real person, who knows their products as well as how to serve the customer is the deal maker.

So, if you’re looking for an e-cigarette brand that will not just leave you satisfied with every puff, but be there when you need them personally, talk to us!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Recommend a friend with INCIG electronic Cigarettes

You know we are all about rewarding our customers, and one way we love doing it is by rewarding word-of-mouth business. We love incentives, and we know that most people love to talk about things that work out for them, so if you are passing on a good word about our products, and your friends are taking notice, we want to hook you up!!!

INCIG’s Refer-A-Friend program is one of the many options we offer our customers to save money. It works to reward the current customer who was so kind to tell their friend, and then it offers the new customer a free packet of refills for joining the family. For current users, for every person that you refer to INCIG who makes a purchase, you will receive a free pack of refills of your choice after the purchase is made!

If the Refer-A-Friend program sounds like something you could benefit from, and your friends could benefit from, here’s how to do it. Signing up is really easy, and it takes no more than a minute. You just fill out a quick form on our website, and you’re done! If you want to take it an extra step further, to let all of your friends know the deal, we can post a little message on your Facebook or Twitter pages on your behalf!

Our referral program is just self-benefiting, though. You are essentially doing your friends huge favours! Cigarettes are awful, and if you can convince your friends to use a healthier alternative, to improve their lives and save them money, they will be extremely happy and thankful in the end! Also, if you know people who are using brands other than INCIG, why not turn them on to the best? We’re known throughout the industry for our high performance e-cigarettes, sensational flavours, and exceptionally large vapour, and chances are if your friends are vapour smoking with another brand, it isn’t as good as INCIG!