Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The latest Celebrity e cigarette gossip!

Celebrities really love their e-smokes. Since his big night out a few months ago, hearthrob Robert Pattinson has not been seen without an electronic cigarette. He and ex-girlfriend, now current girlfriend, Kristen Stewart have been pretty famous for their tobacco puffing, but since their split he has been quite the fan of vapour.

The latest news on this front has been that fellow e-cigarette smoker, Leonardo DiCaprio has taken Pattinson under his wing, and has been something of a mentor to the Twilight star. It has been reported that it was DiCaprio himself who introduced Pattinson to e-cigs, and they have really changed smoking for him.

Pattinson’s camp, on the other hand, have denied these rumours entirely as untrue. In other news concerning Pattinson and e-cigarettes, has also shared his with Bel Ami co-star, Uma Thurman, who was glad to try it!

We are always excited to hear about the latest celebs to quit the smoke and opt for vapour cigs, so we wish the best for all of these Hollywood megastars, and are just happy that they’re staying clear of tobacco!

Celebrities are always up on current trends, and they always take an even greater notice when they involve health and wellness. For a star like Robert Pattinson who has millions of young fans, he is setting a great example choosing not to smoke cigarettes.

If your a smoker, why not follow in the foot steps of the famous and try out our incig electronic cigarette range.

We promise you wont be disappointed!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Roll up, Roll up.....I think NOT!

Many smokers believe that roll-your-own or RYO cigarettes are not as harmful as manufactured cigarettes. Many RYO smokers change to smoking roll-ups rather than stop smoking in the mistaken belief that they will smoke less tobacco and inhale fewer toxic chemicals.  
But hand-rolling tobacco is as just as harmful as the tobacco in manufactured cigarettes.  Research using roll-up cigarettes made by smokers, shows that the levels of nicotine and cancer-causing chemicals inhaled are often higher than those from bought cigarettes.  RYO cigarettes are more likely to cause mouth, throat and lung cancer as well as lung diseases such as emphysema and heart disease.

Tar yields

Tar yields for roll-ups are higher than for most manufactured brands.  Researchers asked 26 regular RYO smokers to make a number of their usual roll-ups.  The researchers then tested the RYO cigarettes and showed that over half of the hand-rolled cigarettes gave tar yields above the current maximum level of 15 mg for manufactured cigarettes.  Tar contains most of the cancer-causing chemicals and lung irritants.

Nicotine yields

Nicotine yields from hand-rolled cigarettes are often higher than for manufactured cigarettes.  Less than one in ten cigarette brands in the UK has a declared nicotine yield above 1.5mg per cigarette in laboratory tests. Over three quarters of the RYO cigarettes in the study produced a nicotine yield above this level.

Humectants in hand rolling tobacco

There are more humectants in rolling tobacco than in manufactured cigarettes.  Humectants are added to prevent the tobacco from drying out and to make it taste smoother.   Humectants yield some very toxic chemicals such as acrolein.

Lack of filters

Filters in RYO cigarettes are not always used but they remove almost a half of the tar and nicotine. However, even with filters, smokers tend to compensate if they don’t get enough nicotine by smoking more or taking deeper puffs to ‘top-up’ nicotine levels.  Filters don’t reduce the carbon monoxide.

RYO smokers have higher nicotine dependence

A study compared addiction levels of RYO smokers with smokers who use the same number of manufactured cigarettes per day.  People who smoke roll-ups are generally more addicted to nicotine and are less likely to stop smoking.  Some highly addicted smokers use roll ups because it gives them more control over the nicotine ‘dose’.  

Who smokes roll-ups?

The majority of RYO smokers in the UK are older men.    A quarter of all male smokers use rolling tobacco.  Less than one in twenty women smokers uses RYO.  A third of poorer smokers use roll-ups because rolling tobacco is cheaper.   

Higher tar - lower tax

EU regulations for tar and nicotine levels in cigarettes do not apply to rolling tobacco even though most of the RYO cigarettes are more dangerous than manufactured cigarettes. Hand-rolling tobacco is taxed and priced at a lower level – about half that of packaged cigarettes.  In countries where cigarettes are cheap or rolling tobacco is expensive, very few people use RYO cigarettes.  In the Netherlands more than half of all tobacco smoked in the country is RYO because of price differences.

Similar to manufactured cigarettes, tar and nicotine levels need to be restricted and smokers informed of the increased dangers of smoking without a filter.   Higher tax on cigarettes and rolling tobacco would encourage more smokers to quit or try INCIG electronic cigarettes.

Monday, 5 November 2012

The Future's Bright, the Future 'is' INCIG

There’s no getting around it; the future of smoking is WITHOUT a doubt electronic. It is predicted that within a few short years, more people will be smoking e-cigarettes in favour of traditional smokes, as tobacco continues to be replaced. Wouldn’t you choose the healthier of the two options, if the sensation was the same? 
Tobacco has been problematic from the beginning of its rampant use. Commercially produced cigarettes saw the market skyrocket.
The war on tobacco has been going on for a long time now, especially when it comes to the marketing geared towards youth. Cigarette companies have long targeted teenagers and even children, utilizing every possible attempt to make cigarette smoking seem attractive, glamorous, cool, and macho. Thankfully, the majority of this marketing has been reduced to an extreme minimum, and children and teenagers are more aware than any previous generation how terrible cigarettes are.
Electronic cigarettes are much more in tune with the way modern people are living. Most people do not have the time to sit back and smoke cigarettes lazily, dealing with ash trays and the litter that follows.

Cigarettes also pose the problem of not being accepted everywhere, and it can be quite a burden to be constantly searching for a place to smoke or where you feel comfortable smoking without creating a burden on others. With less and less people smoking, most do not want to inhale second hand smoke!

The majority of people are also constantly pressed for time and do not have any to waste. All of these small reasons really begin to add up, and it really is hard to have to set aside so much time and exert so much energy planning just to accommodate a smoking habit!

E-smokes are not just easier to use because they are smoke- and mess-free, but also because of the many options you get with e-cig accessories, you can tailor your vaping to fit your life! E-cigarette refills are also much simpler. When you vape, you simply vape.

Second hand smoke, or any smoke for that matter, lighters, ash, butts, and feeling self conscious all the get thrown out the window (without littering) because they simply become a thing of the past.

Simply put, e-cigarettes are the future of smoking because people want more simplicity to focus on the things that really matter. People (smokers) want the same freedom as non-smokers, without the trouble of offending others.

The future lies in our hands, and a future that involves cleaner, healthier, more conscious options is a whole lot brighter than the doom that lies is tobacco. With more people opting for vapour cigarettes over traditional, it’s pretty safe to say we are headed in that direction.