Thursday, 31 January 2013

Make Valentines' day even more special with INCIG electronic cigarettes

That lovey-dovey time of year is coming up fast, and you know, nothing says “I love you” better than e-cigarettes. Chocolates don’t last long, roses wither and get mouldy, even a fancy dinner may turn out to be mediocre because restaurants are usually at their worst on that oh-so-romantic night due to the crowds. If you really want to impress your ‘babe’, go sensible and go with electronic cigarettes.

Practicality goes a lot farther, and if you’re looking to “pop the question” it’ll make you even more of a keeper!

Why do e-cigs make the most perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Well, there sure is a lot of meaning behind that snazzy alternative cigarette starter kit! They show you care, you are interested in that person’s long term well being, you want to save them money, you are concerned enough to want them to live better.

If you are not a smoker, it shows you are committed enough to level the playing field. See where this is going? We’ve heard feedback from numerous customers who have said that using our e-cigarettes really helped their relationships tremendously by allowing them to smoke free, and giving both parties the ability to spend more time together, save money, and balance things out by removing the obstacle: smoke.

For couples who smoke, getting starter kits together, and going in it together can be a really romantic, bonding experience. Switching can bring a lot of anxiety to some people, who are afraid that they’ll miss cigarettes or not like e-cigs as much, having a partner to do it with can make it much easier and less scary.
Many couples who switch together get to share the experience, give each other pointers, and most importantly: support each other through the process. It’s always worth it in the end.
For single people who will be spending the holiday on their own, V-Day is a great reason to make the switch and get an e-cig starter kit because it will offer something else to focus on and enjoy rather than being single.

Lots pf people enjoy being single, and Valentine’s Day is just as much fun for playing the field anyway… doing it in style and with vapour may just open up your possibilities even further!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Celebrities and e-cigs

Celebrities have been on the electronic cigarette trend since they were just a trend. Well beyond the early fad phase, lots of celebs are into using these amazing little alternative devices.

We’ve been very supportive of many celebrities looking to drop the cigarettes for good. Hollywood has always been big on smoking cigarettes, only now they are doing it electronically and with vapour. They all know too well that they have to preserve those looks as long as they can!

Using e-cigs is also more responsible, considering how celebrities get idolised and followed by fans. Its definitely better for setting an example using e-cigs than it is with traditional cigarette!

While there are plenty of stars still smoking old fashioned cigarettes, we really do commend those who have made the switch to electronic cigarettes. And there are definitely a good many that have!
Some of our favourites include Kate Moss, Cathrine Zeta Jones, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Pattinson, Jeremy Piven, Britney Spears, Charlie Sheen, Nikki Reed, Lindsay Lohan (when she keeps her act together, of course), Snooky, Trace Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Catherine Deneuve, Ashley Greene, and Katherine Heigl. Some of the latest spottings in celebrities with e-cigs have been Natasha Lyonne,  and Carrie Fisher .
And who can forget Johnny Depp eloquently vaping during his scene in the movie ‘The Tourist’ as he road aboard a train? While he hasn’t exactly come out of the vaping closet, he was definitely on film using one. And looking rather cool, at the same time!
So, as you can see, celebrities are not exactly trying to keep their e-cigarette habit out of the public eye! Some may be more blatant than others, but it’s pretty much a guarantee that we will see more and more celebs accessorising with their e-smokes in the future than we are seeing them with cigarettes, that’s for sure!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Whats your New Year resolution - Let INCIG help

Happy New Year, everyone! We’re pretty excited about the start of 2013! A new year, a new slate, and we’re pretty optimistic about doing what we do best; giving people a great reason to stop smoking and start using our e cigs!

Lots and lots of people use the new year to make a resolution to quit smoking, it’s always a popular one, and always a meaningful one. The desire to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes is so great that millions of people set their hopes towards it, even if it feels impossible.

However, it isn’t impossible at all. And our products have helped many people drop the cancer sticks for a healthier option. So with that in mind, and to celebrate the new year we want you to join us against the fight against cancer!

This is a great month to take advantage of big savings, and you may even want to stock up on lots of essentials; got any friends or family members looking to make the switch too? Batteries, e-cig accessories like our chargers and our incredible PCC’s.

There are lots of ways e-cigs can come into play to help you out with resolutions. Want to save more time? Save more money? Have just more convenience in your daily life? E-cigs can do all of this and more.
Perhaps you want to do more than just quit smoking this year. Perhaps you want to quit, and go green with your smoking, and choose a more environmentally way to have nicotine. Having a reusable option like electronic cigarettes are excellent in this case as well. So, happy new year, and let the smoke free savings begin!