Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Start kit Choices - Making it easier

If you are contemplating trying INCIG electronic cigarettes, or even if your a seasoned e smoker, sometimes choosing an e-cigarette starter kit can be difficult. It might seem simple, but in reality it can be filled with questions and second guessing. If you are new to e cigarettes, how do you really know what accessories you will need?
And because we’re the best people to give advice in the matter, here is a bit of help meant to make it all a little easier and hopefully shed some light on the different options you have at your disposal.
INCIG has 4 different starter kits. For beginners, we would recommend that ‘all’ opt for the Calibre kit. It is cost effective, very simple to use and high-quality so you can experience this new phenomena without breaking the bank.
The INCIG Calibre budget Starter Kit is the most basic kit. It comes with the basics, but still allows for great convenience and usability. 1 standard size battery, a USB charger and 3 cartomizer refills which is around the same as 90 cigarettes. At £23.99, this starter kit is extremely affordable without losing anything.
The INCIG Excellence Starter Kit is a major step up from the basic, and differs in that it comes with a Portable Charge Case which is very robust and allows you to charge batteries on the go up to 4 times. It also comes with 1 standard size battery, a USB charger and 8 cartomizer refills which is around the same as 240 cigarettes, at fantastic price at £36.99.
The INCIG Avantis Starter Kit goes further with accessories, offering customers 2 batteries, USB Charger and Wall charger and the same portable charge case. This also comes 8 cartomizer refills equivalent to 240 cigarettes.

This is a great starter kit for experienced users who know what kind of accessories they want, and what work well for them. It also makes a great kit for a beginner because it gives so many options, and gives a great overview on the many conveniences e-cigs offer. Pricier than the smaller kits, this kit is specially priced right now at £42.99 (reduced from £50.00).
And finally, our flag ship start kit, the Ultimate iPack. The most exclusive and inclusive of all the starter kits. For beginners and experts who know they want all of the most important accessories, and every possible convenience, this is the kit to get! It’s an unbelievable value, and will ensure the absolute most freedom and flexibility when smoking electronically.

This has been ergonomically designed to resemble an iphone, offering the same slim dimensions. It comes with 2 batteries, USB Charger and Wall charger and slim line portable charge case. This also comes 9 cartomizer refills equivalent to an amazing 270 cigarettes. This is the ‘ultimate’ starter kit and the best in the market place.
So that’s an overview of INCIG’s amazing starter kits. As you can see, there really are a lot of options, as well as something to please anyone. Whether you want to play it really safe with Calibre, or go for the Ultimate experience, it’s your choice!

Monday, 13 August 2012

INCIG - Helping to maintain the environment

INCIG is committed to standards of excellence and high morale. Our products provide an invaluable service and benefit the lives of our user’s greatly.
We proudly stand by our electronic cigarettes for the positive impact they are having on the health of people choosing to opt for smokeless tobacco, as well as the health of the environment of which is getting polluted far less because less people using tobacco smokes.
The UK is taking cigarette butt pollution to a new level. Cigarette pollution is definitely not a new issue, and is responsible for problems throughout the world. After a cigarette is finished, it is just too easy for the user to flick it to the ground, careless of the after effects of the pollution.
As a brand of e-cigarettes, offering an alternative to the horror that is cigarettes is the core of what our business essentially is. We are thrilled that cities are now seeing the need to motivate their people to maintain smokeless environments.
Electronic cigarettes allow customers the freedom of being smokeless, of protecting their bodies from the ills of tobacco smoke and residual tar. They also provide freedom from the litter and the mess that is too often left behind after the pleasure has been inhaled. You can literally smoke an INCIG e-cig wherever you want without the threat of smoke. With excellent reusable batteries, vapor cigarettes are keeping a lot of rubbish out of the environment, as well as off the grounds!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012 actually enough!

Take a second to browse the Internet for the best electronic cigarette, and you’ll find all sorts of options and opinions. From 2 piece design, Ego tank systems and dual-coil, low-resistance atomizers, to variable voltage batteries the size of a torch built in the 80’s
All sorts of contraptions are offered today, each with the single promise of offering you ever-increasing volumes of vapor.  Since when did vapor production become the sole consideration in gaining the distinction of “best?”

Ask yourself this question: When is enough…enough?

More to the point, when is it simply too much? After all, aren’t we just trying to replace the modest tobacco cigarette and the comfort and convenience of that short break we so desperately need in our busy day?

So many well-intentioned companies have jumped on this ship, offering massive clouds of vapor, but with each new advancement requiring stronger and larger lithium batteries, clunky devices and leaky liquid reservoirs, it’s clear that this line of thinking is taking us further and further away from a simple and elegant smoking solution.

Do we really need an arsenal of equipment, creating a vapor cloud of this magnitude to replace the humble tobacco cigarette?

Over-focus on the amount of vapor production has led review site critics and commenter’s to make it seem like the vapor production of these systems is the sole criterion for having the ultimate e cig experience.

But, what about factors like convenience, dependability, discretion or simplicity? If the tobacco cigarette is the standard and ideal of the smoking experience, how could a five-piece device the size and weight of an electric toothbrush with a liquid tank and a push button toggle switch come anywhere close to replicating the experience?
Consumers and companies singing the praises of more and more vapor are similar to high-performance car enthusiasts. Both groups live by the rule that more noise and more power provide a greater overall experience.

To them, weekends spent researching and tinkering in the garage are weekends invested, not weekends wasted.

Failed experiments become conversation starters and each new component purchase shipped from china and soldered into a chassis brings them closer to realising their own customised super car. It’s not a habit; it’s a hobby.

Have you ever spent a weekend trying to figure out how to get more nicotine out of a tobacco cigarette? The answer is likely no. For many of us, a cigarette is the perfect complement to our real hobbies: drinking, fishing, walking etc. Time spent tinkering on a vapor maker merely takes us further away from what we want to be doing.

So, back to the original question at hand:  How much vapor is enough? Do you really need to inhale five cubic tons and £1.50 worth of nicotine per puff just to get your fix? Is the trade-off between time spent tinkering, carrying that thing around, and explaining to everyone who sees it that it is not a bomb or a medical device really worth the huge plume of vapor you expelled with each drag?

According Doctors, one standard puff of nicotine reaches the brain within 10-20 seconds, as stated in examination of Nicotine Chemistry.

Studies further reveals that nicotine consumption can in fact be manipulated by puff volume, depth of inhalation and rate of intensity. So, it stands to reason that a big cloud equals a big nicotine hit.

Yet, It should be noted that his study is based on tobacco cigarettes and smoke, and not the electronic vapor producing devices. Nicotine transfer with electronic cigarettes relates to the amount of nicotine present in the mixture, but the amount of vapor itself relates more directly to the amount of propylene glycol in the mixture.

Huge vapor clouds are pleasing to the eye, but if you are looking for a strong smoke, don’t be fooled by what is merely cosmetic trimming—smoke and mirrors if you will.

All the above points are underlying tenets of INCIG belief in offering the most premium product available, an elegant reliable smoking solution that is as easy to use as a tobacco cigarette that gives you the smoking satisfaction you want, without alarming.

On your journey to find the perfect tobacco-alternative-smoking-device, don’t settle for anything else. With INCIG electronic cigarettes, you won’t get more than you need, just more than you expect.