Friday, 29 June 2012

The Perfect Gift

We have all been in a position whereby we have found it difficult to purchase a gift for a family member or friend at some point in time.  Well if this individual enjoys smoking, worry no more, as you should consider getting them an INCIG electronic cigarette starter kit.

Here are a few reasons why e-cigs make a great gift. If you have a smoker that you care about, you would probably love to see them switch to a healthier alternative than traditional cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes produce no smoke, tar, ash, and are odorless. The freedom to smoke where ever and whenever you want can be a liberating feeling. Imagine how much more enjoyable gatherings and parties would be if your favorite smoker didn’t have to leave the room or go outside to smoke a cigarette.

Since electronic cigarettes produce no second hand smoke and no odor, even the most discerning non-smokers won’t be offended.

With all the great flavour choices that cartomizers are available in, you will be sure to find one that will please everyone. Think of how much money your gift will also help them save.

People who make the switch to electronic cigarettes save a substantial amount of money…they will be thanking you!

INCIG electronic cigarettes are safe and provide a realistic, enjoyable smoking experience. That’s why INCIG electronic cigarettes are the perfect gift.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Greener Way

Every heard the saying ‘going greener’?
It seems to be more and more used in our ever changing society. However, going green is not just a passing movement, a trend heralding people to think more consciously for the moment. It goes way deeper than that, and being more environmentally friendly in all aspects of your life can improve your health, save money, and lessen your impact on the world around you.

If you are a smoker, e-cigarettes are the best way to make enjoying nicotine more eco-friendly. First of all, they are a reusable product, and they drastically reduce waste and litter by keeping millions of cigarette butts off the ground.

Have you ever taken a good look on the floor in outdoor public places, we can guarantee that it will be littered by lots of cigarette butts that accumulate from smokers just tossing them to the floor, so much for ‘Keeping Britain Tidy’?

And then there are the millions of smokers that drop their butts in places like parks, forests, and other areas where wildlife can eat them. With e-cigs, the “cigarette” is reused over and over again, therefore promoting the concept of cutting back on resources. This method of smoking also reduces waste on a massive scale, and keeps pollution off the ground, and out of the landfills.

E-cigarettes make use of the most advanced technology available. They are designed in ways to be extremely energy-efficient, and a single battery charge can last through an entire day with constant use, and up to a week with occasional use.

Electronic cigarettes release water vapor upon inhalation, and while the puff resembles smoke, it is not harmful. Contrary to conventional cigarettes, which have around 4000 toxic chemicals which release an overwhelming amount of toxins into the air when smoked.

If you put it into perspective and consider the millions of people worldwide who smoke them daily, how much air pollution is being added to our atmosphere, it’s a worrying thought!

Another benefit of electronic cigarettes on the environment is that by avoiding the use of tobacco, you are not supporting an industry well known to have awful farming practices that damage the earth.

INCIG electronic cigarette starter kits are a great way to make the switch to a smarter, healthier, more eco-friendly alternative, and you too can contribute to saving the world in which we live.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

You'd be stupid not too!

We would hazard a guess that it took you very short time to get addicted to cigarettes, and now that you’re looking for ways to kick the habit, the time to shake the habit looks a lot different.
Cigarettes are the burden of millions around the world, and most smokers feel powerless in their struggle to overcome the habit. The majority of smokers I know who have quit always seem go back to them for one reason or another. Whichever method they use, the urge to smoke lingers.
INCIG e-cigarettes are not necessarily a means of quitting, but they offer smokers an amazing alternative. You can control the dosage of nicotine buy either purchasing different levels of nicotine milligram cartomizers, or you can smoke as little or as much as you like without all of the problems of toxic smoke, just receiving nicotine hits.
Smoking electronic cigarettes allows you to have more control of how you smoke, and that alone is enough of a reason to make the switch! They are far more economical, and they do not come with all the restrictions that traditional tobacco cigarettes have.
When you have a traditional cigarette packet full of cigarettes, it is more likely than you would probably finish off an entire cigarette every time you smoke, because when you spend that much money for something, you don’t want to waste it? Human Nature. And of course who wants to stub one out and have a smelly packet!
But while it’s an immediate sense of not wasting, you inevitably pay with your health. All in all, cigarettes are such a problem!
With e-cigs, you have the choice to smoke as much or as little as you want and you aren’t ‘self’ pressured to finish an entire cartridge at once. Many people who’ve switched to electronic cigarettes find this alone allows them to lessen their nicotine cravings because they truly only want a couple of puffs. When they feel done, they just put it away, and it’s in the same condition as when they last picked it up. No brainer really!
You also have the option to choose your nicotine strength. The highest nicotine level is the 18mg cartomizer, and then followed by 12mg, 6mg, and 0mg for those who simply want the flavour and the action of smoking.
For many, this is what drives their cigarette addiction in the first place, and by replicating the movements, inhaling and exhaling, they become satisfied.
If you’re at that point and need the change, INCIG e-cigarettes can change your life!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Why should I buy INCIG electronic cigarettes

Maybe you have noticed advertisements urging you to buy electronic cigarettes and have wondered to yourself, “What’s all the fuss about?” Electronic cigarettes may look like regular cigarettes, but the differences are staggering. If you still buy your traditional cigarettes, consider some of the ways that you can immensely improve your life by making the switch to e-cigs.
The first obvious difference is the contents. Traditional cigarettes are filled with tar, formaldehyde, cyanide, lead, ammonia and even carbon monoxide. By contrast, an electronic cigarette just uses a cartridge, an atomizer and a battery. The cartridge is your mouthpiece and it holds the liquid that gives your e-cigarette its flavor and vapor. The atomizer heats the liquid, allowing the vapor release. There is no actual smoke, so you can smoke your e-cigarette just about anywhere.
Second, it’s important to consider the health ramifications. When you smoke a traditional cigarette, you’re exposing your lungs to all of the aforementioned ingredients. You’re also polluting the lungs of the people around you. This exposure is known to lead to various cancers and other chronic diseases that claim countless lives in the UK every year.
But with electronic cigarettes, you don’t need to worry about polluting your airways, or polluting the airways of anyone else for that matter. Once again, there is no actual smoke, and the liquid consists only of a natural base liquid, flavoring ingredients and a small amount of nicotine.
With that said, here’s another reason why you should buy electronic cigarettes: you’re in full control of your smoking experience. You choose the flavours.
Maybe you want to start your day with a tobacco flavor, then move on to a sweeter Cherry flavour and finish your day off with Cinnamon taste. With 5 different flavors to choose from, INCIG has something to satisfy almost every taste.
If you have been trying to quit smoking but have been unsuccessful, electronic cigarettes can provide you with benefits that you won’t get from any nicotine gum or patch. You can continue to enjoy the feeling and experience of really smoking, while still satisfying your nicotine cravings, but without all of the dangerous additives and toxic smoke.
You can even rid yourself of nicotine addiction entirely by gradually reducing the amount of nicotine milligram in the cartomizers you purchase, until finally you’re just enjoying the cartomizer flavours without any nicotine at all. The choice is entirely yours.
Then, of course, there’s the price aspect. When it comes to weighing the cost of traditional cigarettes against the cost of e-cigarettes, there really is no contest. With today’s prices and regulations, a single pack of cigarettes can set you back as much as £7.50. But a reusable electronic cigarette can last you for years. Replacement cartomizers which are equivalent to 150 cigarettes are less than £9, thus extremely inexpensive. If you make the switch to electronic cigarettes, you’ll start to notice the savings immediately.
But maybe you’re still new to the smokeless cigarette world and find yourself intimidated by strange words like “cartomizer.” Don’t worry if you don’t quite understand all of the technical jargon just yet. An electronic cigarette kit contains all of the components you need, along with easy-to-follow instructions. Once you get past the initial introductions, you’ll immediately feel like an old pro. Electronic cigarettes are extremely simple to use, and extremely enjoyable.
So whether you’re looking to save money or just enhance your smoking experience, consider an electronic cigarette kit. You’ll never want to go back to the old way of smoking again.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Tips for the 'new' electric cigarette smoker

E-cigarettes have been a miracle product for many people, and they really are the only alternative to tobacco. However, as alluring as they are, plenty of people shy away from electronic cigarettes after bad first experiences for various reasons.
This is a shame because there are a whole range of issues that could have arose, especially if the user was not in the company of someone who is experienced, or they did not know about all the little things that can be done to maximize their usage. Whether you’re a seasoned e smoker or a new individual, here are some tips that are great to keep in mind for getting the most out of your e-cigs!
·         First and foremost, before you begin make sure that your battery is charged fully. This ensures a powerful vapour production, and optimal performance.
·         When you start a new cartomizer, to activate it you should give it a series of quick puffs before you fully inhale. This activates the vapour, and creates a much thicker, fuller vapour.
·         Once it is ready, you will get the most nicotine when you take long, slow puffs. You should feel the vapour very easily.
·         When the flavour seems to be weakening, or the vapour seems less intense, it’s probably due to the cartomizer getting low. Simply replace it.
·         Prepare in advance; keep an extra battery around, and fully charged so that you can puff anytime you need to. If you are the busy type, having accessories like the Personal Charging Case and other portable chargers can keep things very convenient and easy. The car adapter allows you to charge in your car, and the USB charger will let you charge your batteries through your computer’s USB port.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

E cigarettes & weight loss :- The truth

Getting healthy, losing weight and keeping that weight off is a major topic of discussion these days. UK obesity is reaching dire levels among the adult population.
While electronic cigarettes are in no way a product meant to target weight loss, or be used as a means to lose weight, they are an alternative smoking method that offer anyone who wants to quit smoking cigarettes, a healthier option.
Weight loss should not be just about whittling down your middle, or sculpting specific body parts only. Health is an all-around thing, and it should be maintained throughout the whole body. So if you are looking to get healthier, lose weight and quit smoking, here’s how e cigarettes can work for you.
INCIG Electronic cigarettes simply are a better and healthier smoking option just for the fact of being smokeless. They also contain no tar, no tobacco, and none of the 4000 toxic chemicals that are within a cigarette. They can absolutely fit into a healthy lifestyle, and so many users have reported a wide range of positive health benefits that occur after they make the switch.
Many smokers are reluctant to quit smoking because they fear the infamous weight gain, and appetite increase which is common when you stop giving the body the regular dosage of nicotine. Sadly, as unhealthy as cigarettes are, this fear is a major motivation for plenty of people.
Since the 1920’s, tobacco companies have targeted women with ads that promised weight loss, and a slimmer physique by smoking. Is your figure really worth all the horrors that come with tobacco? I think not.
While this was considered common knowledge, yet was previously unproven, a recent study was published and the findings shed light on the effects of nicotine in the body, resulting in the prevention of weight gain from a high fat diet, and the subsequent lack of accumulation of abdominal fat.
The study was performed on rats, comparing the effects of nicotine and saline on high-fat and standard diets. The outcome showed that nicotine was successful in limiting the amount of weight gain with the high fat diet, and resulted in a more even distribution of fat throughout the body.
For many years, the scientific connections between weight loss and nicotine were not fully understood, even though throughout history tobacco’s ability to suppress the appetite was well documented for centuries.
What they uncovered was that very low levels of nicotine reduced body fat in mice from anywhere between 15 to 20%, as well as suppressed their appetites as much as 50%. The same effects were found with similarly low doses of cystisine, which is a drug that binds to nicotine receptors in the brain. Nicotine and cystisine have a direct effect on the brain’s appetite receptors, and at the same time, they are also entirely unrelated to the receptors responsible for tobacco cravings.
So, even with this interesting study offering insight as to how nicotine really works towards keeping the weight off, smoking tobacco cigarettes is still not wise. Getting healthy should include all areas of your body; not just targeting the unwanted fat. Weight loss should be expected with a proper diet, exercise, and appropriate lifestyle habits. If you must have your nicotine, have it with INCIG as we are a healthier option than tobacco.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Get ready for summer with INCIG electronic Cigarettes

Most smokers are used to doing almost everything while they smoke, and for them, pleasurable things are always better with nicotine. Summer means spending lots of time outdoors (hopefully if the UK weather holds off!), with friends, and being free to really relax and not have the worry of where and when you might be able to light up next.

While cigarettes are losing popularity daily, e cigarettes are totally geared up to take their place. This summer, no matter what you are doing, consider trading your smoke for INCIG e-cigs.

At the bar, e cigs are great because you won’t be contributing to the horrors of passive smoking. You won’t be polluting the airspace between you and the non smokers next too you.

Summer brings out the best in all of us and encourages us to spend more time outdoors and getting involved in outdoor activities. By not having harmful smoke in your body, this gives you more energy to enjoy sports and other activities which you would normally find difficult after smoking a traditional cigarette.

Summer festivals are always packed to the brim with smokers it seems, and now that e-cigs are more popular than ever, you can bet many of them will be filling the air with e cigarette vapour, and not massive tobacco clouds.

Holidays are meant to de-stress, but they can often have the opposite effect because of all the things you need to remember and do!. Catching flights, dealing with hire cars, taxis, checking into hotels, securing all of your personal info; these things all take time and patience!

With cigarettes getting banned in more and more places, don’t waste your time with them! Pack you e-cigs, and you’re set. Extra refills, chargers, a spare battery, and a personal charge case are your e-cigarette essentials!

So with summer now upon us, and in many places, it has made its presence known already with very balmy temperatures. Whatever you have planned, don’t forget that electronic cigarettes can be an integral part of it!

Whether you are going on a holiday, spending it in the UK, spending evenings on the patio with friends, going to festivals, or just relaxing, electronic cigarettes just do it all better than traditional cigarettes!

Make that choice today, and taste INCIG e cigarettes. You won’t look back this summer!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sainsbury’s supermarket removing tobacco from its product range

Sainsbury’s is the first supermarket giant to make a major decision in relation to the sale of Tobacco products within its stores are about to trial a new initiative to stop selling tobacco. This pilot project is to commence through one store initially in their St Andrews Square store in Edinburgh.
A spokesman from Sainsbury’s said: “The impact of the public health levy, recently introduced by the Scottish Government, has led us to undertake a review of the sale of tobacco in our Scottish stores. As part of the review we have removed tobacco products from our St Andrews Square store for the time being. We have taken this decision to learn more detailed information about the impact of removal of tobacco in the store”
It is predicted that electronic cigarette sales will see huge growth over the coming years as people wise up to the health risks associated with smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes.
Again, placing INCIG at the forefront of this change in commercial awareness and helping e cigarettes becoming the favoured option in beating traditional cigarette addiction.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Electronic Cigarette Trial Kit That Helps New York Woman Quit Smoking

Electronic e cigarette free trial kit helps New York woman quit smoking after trying for years.

E cigarettes have been reported as an effective smoking cessation tool by many smokers. A US paper talked to an electric cigarette user from New York who finally tried e cig because of the free trial kit offer from an e cigarette manufacturer.
Megan Dawn, a service worker from New York said: “I had dreamed about quitting smoking for a long time. About a year ago I read about electronic cigarettes. They seemed a bit expensive so I postponed the buying decision several times. Then I heard about the free trial offer and immediately ordered a trial starter kit. Now, a month later, I love smokeless cigarettes. My son and I both breathe better and I’m coughing no more. Now when there’s no constant stink, my senses are back. I had no idea I had really desensitized them. I feel better and I don't get light headed or short-of-breath like I did before.
I thank ecigs for giving me new options and for saving my son from 2nd hand smoke. Vapor cigarettes helped me kick the nasty habit of smoking. I’m thankful for the electronic cigarette industry for coming up with a better and safer smoking alternative.”

Cigarette tax to double in the UAE

Efforts are under way across the Gulf to sharply increase the cost of tobacco by doubling the tax rate, a move that is making smokers unhappy.

Tobacco advertising is banned in the UAE and cigarette packets carry compulsory health warnings, two measures the government says are aimed at discouraging smoking.

But cigarettes currently cost just a fraction of the price charged in Europe. Could this soon follow suit into the UK.

Ferdinand accused of 'endorsing cigarette firm that promotes smoking among children'

  • Anti-smoking charities accuse the Manchester United star of promoting Indonesian tobacco firm Gudang Garam International
  • United say Rio is 'sorry for this misunderstanding'
Rio Ferdinand is at the centre of a row over tobacco advertising after anti-smoking charities accused him of promoting a company that owns one of Asia's biggest cigarette brands.
The Manchester United defender features in billboard advertisements and YouTube videos in Indonesia that promote Gudang Garam International's internet-based sports channel, Intersport.
But the company is one of Indonesia's largest tobacco firms and its cigarettes, flavoured with spices such as cloves and cinnamon, are popular with children
A spokesman for Ferdinand, who supports the global children's charity Unicef, insisted that the footballer, who does not smoke, was advertising the sports channel and not tobacco.
It appears that Ferdinand, one of many international football stars to appear in the ads, had been unaware that Gudang Garam International makes much of its profits from tobacco or that his image would be used on billboards which carry the cigarette brand logo.
Its Intersport channel shows Premier League football matches and helps to raise the profile of English football in Asia,
The spokesman added that Ferdinand was consulting lawyers about the use of his image in the campaign.
The World Health Organisation predicts smoking will kill one billion people worldwide this century.
Deborah Arnott, chief executive of the anti-smoking group Ash, said sponsorship deals such as this were banned in the UK because of concerns that they promoted cigarettes to young people.
She also called on Ferdinand to dissociate himself from GGI.
'Rio talks a good talk about putting children first when he tweets for Unicef, but he has to put his money where his mouth is,' Ms Arnott told The Observer.
'Well over a third of 15-year-old boys in Indonesia smoke and smoking rates among the young have increased sixfold since 1995.
'Rio is estimated to be worth £40m and to earn more than £100,000 a week; does he really need to do this?
'I hope now he realises what he's done he'll apologise
Separately, Indonesia's National Commission for Child Protection has written to the Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson urging him 'to have this unhealthy promotion removed immediately'.
In the YouTube videos, Ferdinand, wearing a red football kit and displaying the GGI corporate badge, says how 'football is everything and everything about football is only on Gudang Garam Intersport'.
The final scene cuts to the Intersport logo, which is then followed by the Gudam Garang International logo and a tobacco health warning.
Tobacco firms worldwide are keen to cultivate the next generation of smokers, but their efforts are hampered by blanket advertising bans in Europe.
No such laws apply in Indonesia, where GGI also operates a music website - which anti-smoking groups claim is another attempt to reach young people.
Andrea Crossfield, the director of Tobacco Free Futures, which is campaigning for cigarettes to be sold in plain packets in the UK, said: 'I don't believe that it is a coincidence that Gudang Garam chose a Manchester United player to promote their brand sponsorship of Indonesian football, as the iconic Manchester United kit so closely resembles their own cigarette brand colours.'
Ian Gray, from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, told Environmental Health News:  'We must be concerned about the prevalence of smoking internationally, particularly in the developing world, where it is a major killer.
'It is particularly galling to see a prominent UK celebrity recognized by young football supporters the world over participating in such a distasteful and ill-advised campaign.'
A United spokeswoman told The Observer: 'The contractual agreement between Rio and Gudang Garam Intersports runs to 31 October 2012, at which time all forms of advertising will cease.
'Both Manchester United and Rio Ferdinand are sorry for this misunderstanding and will endeavour to ensure that it is not repeated in the future.'

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fake Cigarette Law Alert

Tobbaco smuggling will soar if ministers go ahead with plans for plain cigarette packets, a study said yesterday.

And counterfeit cigarettes will flood the UK market, the joint research centre on transnational crime warned. Experts based in Italy, Milan said it was remarkable that the UK ministers had failed to spot the potential pitfalls.

They urged the department of Health to carry out further studies before stripping packets of their branding and logos.

With this current threat of fake cigarettes there should be no better time to consider not just your health, but also consider the financial costs to smoking traditional cigarettes. Take the sensible option and make the jump to electronic cigarettes by INCIG. The UK's premium e-cig.