Monday, 25 March 2013

INCIG Electronic Cigarettes looks at other alternative to help you win the fight against Smoking

If you are trying to quit smoking, even if you have not even tried an electronic cigarette, you are on the right path just by being here, reading this, and getting further educated in the matter. 

Quitting smoking is usually a very difficult thing to do, and it certainly takes hard work and a generous amount of effort. E-cigarettes can greatly help you along on the path to a cleaner, healthier lifestyle, even if they are not an actual cessation device. 

So INCIG have done their home work and here are some other things you can do to get the most benefit from your electronic cigarettes, and allow your body to work as efficiently as possible, as you switch for the better.

Did you know how much a healthy diet can benefit you as a smoker who is looking to become a non-smoker? 

We all know that proper eating habits are necessary for good health, but new research is showing that eating large amounts of fruits and vegetables can help smokers quit smoking and stay that way? In a study, 1,000 smokers over the age of 25 were examined. 

They were asked questions regarding their smoking habits as well as their intake of fruits and vegetables. The findings of the study, after 14 months concluded that those who consumed an average of 4 or more servings of fruits and vegetables per day were three times more likely to be successful at staying tobacco free down the line.

So what does this mean for e-cigarette smokers? Well, it sure doesn’t hurt to eat the healthiest food options, that’s for sure! If you are looking to switch to electronic cigs, for even greater success, and to help fend off any unwanted cigarette cravings, make sure you up your fruit and veggie consumption! Transitioning to electronic cigarettes does not have to be difficult, and it can give you even more reasons to live healthier.

E-cigarettes are fabulous for helping smokers find a cleaner, healthier alternative. However, helping your body do a better job of getting beyond tobacco cigarettes, so that you can get the most satisfaction from your e-cigs, while you live a little healthier is even better because you’ll get the very most out of them

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Why should I make the switch from tobacco to e-cigs?

Marketed as a healthier alternative to smoking, e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco but do contain nicotine-infused water which is inhaled as an odourless vapour. Pure nicotine is highly addictive but is not considered particularly harmful, unlike the lethal effects of tobacco.

“Electronic cigarettes satisfy the two elements of addiction without the harmful side effects," says Claire Green, director of the West Yorkshire based e-cigarette brand INCIG. "The e-cigarette supplies nicotine, which has been proven to be as relatively harmless as caffeine and it also, provides smokers something physically to feel and mimic motion of drawing on a cigarette. It is possible to have all the physical enjoyment of smoking without the negative health issues," says Claire.

An Italian team of scientists, led by Riccardo Polosa of the University of Catania, recently gave e-cigarettes to 40 hard-core smokers. After six months, more than half of the smokers had cut their cigarette use by over 50 per cent and almost a quarter had quit ordinary cigarettes altogether.

Despite results such as these, Claire stressed that she did not regard their product as a 'cessation aid' to help smokers quit. In the UK, e-cigarettes cannot be called a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and cannot be displayed next to patches or gums in shops because they are not approved by the Medicine and Health products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). However, within the next month this may change as the product is again being reviewed by the Agency.

Smoking tobacco has over 4000 chemicals & tar. Most of which are cancer causing agents. Electronic cigarettes e-liquid has 99% less chemicals, no tar, and no cancer causing agents. This speaks for itself.

There is little argument over whether the devices are cheaper. With a pack of 20 cigarettes now nearing £8, INCIG e-cigarettes offer the nicotine equivalent of 150 cigarettes for more or less the same price at £8.99.
Sales of e-cigarettes are increasing and a range of companies including some of the biggest names in tobacco are set to launch similar devices.

The Royal College of Physicians has argued in favour of e-cigarettes as a harm-reduction tool. It acknowledges that little is known of their long-term effects but said in a 2007 report: "In any circumstance, the use of NRT [including e-cigarettes] is many orders of magnitude safer than smoking."

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

INCIG Electronic Cigarettes Celebrates 'NO SMOKING DAY' with a Promotion

Electronic Cigarette company INCIG, is the most affordable alternative to cigarette smoking in the UK to date and to celebrate No Smoking Day we are offering special discounts to our products. 

Based in West Yorkshire it distributes electronic cigarettes all over the United Kingdom under the brand name “INCIG”. Its e-cigarettes, or e-cigs, are available in 3 tobacco flavours and a further 4 exciting flavours including favourites such as Menthol & Vanilla for the more adventurous and experienced ‘vaper’.

A variety of INCIG products are offered on the company website and also at retail locations throughout the UK.  The ‘Calibre’ starter kit is the entry level kit aimed at the consumer who wants to explore the electronic cigarette sensation.   

The Calibre kit gives the consumer the opportunity to experiment without a costly outlay. Priced at £14.99, this is attractive to all smokers. And to make this even more desirable we are giving away a further 150 equivalent cigarettes for FREE as a promotion for new customers for the same price!

All our Starterkits are priced well below our main competitors, but we still offer ‘premium’ quality. We are able to offer better prices as we do not advertise using expensive tabloids and our aim is to pass this saving on to our customers.

We have recently launched the flag ship to our Starter Kit range, the Ultimate iPack. This is styled around the sleek shape of an iPhone and enables the user to charge 5 batteries on the go, hold 4 refill cartomisers and charge one battery whilst storing the other. 

The charge case (box which houses refills and batteries) has an illuminated charging display on the front of the case which allows the user to be aware of the charging capacity at all times. To celebrate the launch of this product we are also offering a massive 270 equivalent cigarettes all for an impressive £44.99, a price which our competitors can match!

So come on and join in the fun on No Smoking Day and visit our website on and take advantage of our promotional offer by hitting the PROMO link or simply check out our other fantastic starter kits!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

What Makes Smokeless Cigarettes Smokeless?

Smokeless cigarettes are exactly as the name implies; smokeless. They produce no smoke. They do not cause combustion; they burn nothing, including plant matter when used. 

If you were to see one in action, prior to knowing anything about them, you’d probably assume it’s a cigarette, perhaps set into some kind of fancy, old-school holder. In actuality, they are anything but!

There is no smoke, no second hand smoke, no smell, and no ash that’s going to come from these!

How electronic, smoke-free cigarettes work is simple. Perhaps a little odd if you know nothing about them or are encountering them for the first time, but indeed they are simple.

Ours are 2-part models, consisting of the main device: a high powered, lithium ion battery, and a cartridge.  E-cigarette batteries are much more than just batteries, however. It contains a smart chip, and senses the user when they begin to vape. T

This sends a message to the atomiser contained within the cartridge to turn on. Which then heats the liquid nicotine that is inside the cartridge, vaporises it. The user draws on it, and takes in a nice throat hit full of flavour, nicotine, and 100% no smoke or toxins, and then exhales the remaining vapour in exactly the same way they would smoke a cigarette!

So, to answer the question “what makes an e-cigarette smokeless?” Essentially vapour does. Fire, lighters, and tobacco have nothing to do with it, and smoke is a thing of the past!

While electronic cigarettes are made to replicate many factors like feel, comfort, and experience, they are quite different. Yet for smokers who are wary of using them because they think it will be too different from what they are used to, they provide a very similar experience to cigarettes. They really offer the best of both worlds… it really is better in the smokeless world!

So don’t delay, try INCIG electroniccigarettes today!