Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Electronic Cigarettes - Changing peoples lifes

It may seem madness that a simple product can really do great things to change lives, but that’s exactly what INCIG e-cigarettes are doing. We genuinely are thrilled when customers take the time to give us feedback
on our product so when we receive testimonials from our customers, it’s brilliant!

Knowing that our products are improving lives, and making life a little better, makes what we do worth it. As a company you can’t buy the value it adds to us as a business when we have the knowledge we have had a positive influence on the lives of thousands, and this is not something we take lightly. We love what we do!

Electronic cigarettes are changing smokers’ lives, it’s quite obvious. The time has really come for smokers to walk away from tobacco and choose safer, cleaner, smokeless alternatives. The harm that can come from smoking is real, and very possible. 

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Monday, 22 April 2013

Fear of Fire. Use Electronic Cigarettes from INCIG as put that feeling out!

Smokers love to have a smoke right before bed. They enjoy the calming sensation of the nicotine, and that mellow stress relief is often the right thing to get yourself in the mindset for sleep. So if smokers are likely to be smoking before bed, and they happen to doze off a little faster than they expected, with a lit cigarette still burning, and highly flammable sheets… you know how its going to end.

Cigarettes are a really huge fire hazard. And while the bedtime scenario is one of the most common, it’s not the only one. Fallen cigarette ash and cigarette butts that are not entirely extinguished have been the culprit of thousands of fires, and as long as people are smoking them in precarious situations, they are a threat. Fires are a scary predicament, and some people hold lifelong fears of them. Major cities have been ravaged by them, and thousands of homes get destroyed every year.

For smokers they present yet another danger, aside from all the health ills they have to contend with, because a single cigarette can really do so much harm. This is just another reason that electronic cigarettes make a wiser smoking option, because when using e-cigs, fire is never a concern. Nothing gets burned when they are used, and nothing about using them requires any kind of fire as a power source. E-cigarette batteries take care of that! They can be used indoors, in any environment with no threat of danger. Even if you fall asleep smoking your e-smoke, you won’t have to worry about it setting your bed aflame! Once the e-cig no longer senses your mouth, it will automatically shut off. Imagine that!

People who live in flats and high rise buildings have a greater risk of fires because the destruction can be monumental, deadly, and affect many people; if you choose to smoke indoors, the risk increases. Even as careful as many know they are, all it takes is one fallen cigarette to get passed you. So, smoke e-cigarettes! You definitely won’t go up in smoke where vapour is concerned!

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